Alien Super Heroes
Alien Super Heroes

Is “alien super heroes” an oxymoron?  I always think of super heroes as being one of us, of this planet, (not aliens) humans possessing super powers to fight the “bad guys”, and the bad guys are usually beastly nonhuman forms from unknown places (aliens).   Hmmm, a conundrum.

I was messing around with a photo taken by my daughter of her two super hero sons, ages 4 and 1, in their Mom-made outfits, complete with capes, embroidered initials on the chest, utility belts, etc.  I used a Photoshop filter called “neon glow” to get this eerie alien-like effect.  Her original photo is shown below:

SUPER brothers!
SUPER brothers!

Don’t you feel a whole lot safer now?

Thought for the Day:  The next time you feel like complaining, remember:  Your garbage disposal probably eats better than 30% of the world’s population. 

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