Baseball Managers

Future Baseball Managers
Future Baseball Managers

At four and five years old, players are already analyzing their play on the field.  The tall player in the red hat says, “Why’d ya swing at that ugly pitch?”  “Because”, the player in the too-big hat explains, “the hit-and-run sign was on.  I had to hit the ball or the runner would be caught naked between first and second.  See, there’s a runner on second now.” The player on the far left is worried about the dangerous play, and the skeptic on the far right is thinking, “Yeah, but ya coulda done the same ting by buntin.”

And, so it goes.  Thus, the early steps down the long road of life, learning difference of opinion, give-and-take, winning and losing, etc.  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  Who knows?   But,  everyone wants to express their thoughts, and everyone feels free to do so.

Geez, I love this country!

Thought for the Day:  There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.          Tommy Lasorda

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