Culross Garden
Culross Garden

Culross, Scotland is a small coastal village (hamlet?) of 680 people located on the north side of the Firth (bay) of Forth.  While making our way up a narrow, winding, cobblestone road  to the Abbey on top of the hill, we found an open door in the 8 foot tall solid stone wall.   A sign on the door said “Open”, so we walked in and found this enormous garden, probably an entire acre of immaculate landscaping and floral artistry.

While wandering through the garden and admiring the vast variety of plants, we heard a dog barking and saw a man working in the far side of the garden.  After a while, the man approached us with his dog on a leash; he wanted to introduce us to his young collie pup so he would stop barking.  After greeting and settling the pup down, I asked the man if he was the master gardener of this little piece of heaven.  He said, “Well … I guess so, I own the place and I’m the only gardener I can afford.”  (Ooops, hope I didn’t offend him.)

Ron and Max
Ron and Max

He was an engaging fellow and easy to talk to.  My wife spent quite a bit of time comparing his plants to similar ones found in the Midwest.  There was no doubt about his passion and love for his plants … and it showed in the plant’s vitality and the warm cozy feel you had in the garden.  I asked him for his email address so I could send him a picture of him and Max (above).  While giving me his wife’s email address he apologized for its length, saying he had a hard time remembering it.  Then he said, “But you won’t forget my name, it’s Ronald McDonald.”

Thought for the Day:  Nature does not complete things.  She is chaotic.  Man must finish, and does so by making a garden and building a wall.   Robert Frost

One thought on “Unforgettable

  1. What a hidden gem you found! Wish I could have seen it in person, but I am glad you took such a good photo.



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