Abbey Bridge – Northern England

Abbey Bridge
Abbey Bridge

I found this scene quite by accident, wandering about northern England looking for a B&B, and then discovered this bridge on my walk the following morning.  The bridge is closed to traffic now, but was formerly on the main road between the middle-of-nowhere and no-place-to-go.

We were lucky to find the B&B as we got “loster and loster” with each passing mile.  The GPS was more confused than I was, its recording stuck on “recalculating”.    Luckily, we met an oncoming car on this 8′ wide country lane.  This happens a lot in this country, and when it does, one of the cars has to find a place to pull over.  This usually annoyed me, but today I felt relieved knowing we hadn’t totally left civilization.  A couple of young helpful, and very friendly lads told us we were on the right road to the Abbey Bridge B&B; they even offered to turn around and take us there.

I didn’t take up their offer … I mean, why?   How could I get lost when there was no where to turn off this road.  Like the lad said, just another mile of ruts, turns, hills and dips and we were at the B&B.  Phheeww!  The B&B was three miles from the nearest pub, but they had an off-license (off-sale) permit to sell beer and wine.  A large fridge was in the community room, and the honor system was used to pay for anything you took.  I was thankful I had plenty of cash in my pocket, I had enough exploring for one day.

Thought for the Day:  Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.   Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Abbey Bridge – Northern England

  1. That is an absolutely awesome picture!!! We enjoyed it.  The story brought back memories for us when we were trying to find a B and B in the Lake District in England and that was in the days before GPS’s.


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