Meet Tweed, a Harris Hawk trained to hunt.  I met this magnificent creature in Overton, England.  Tweed is owned by John, pictured below, who owns the Mallards B&B where we stayed for four nights.  (BTW, Mallards B&B was the best B&B out of the six we stayed during our two weeks in the UK.)

John and Tweed
John and Tweed

I didn’t know much about hawking, using a hawk instead of a falcon, until I met John and Tweed; I didn’t even know that anything besides falcons were used.  Harris Hawks are actually quite popular in the sport; they have an easy-going disposition and are easily trained.  Tweed was so calm that she let me get very close with the camera, even without John being present.

Harris Hawks are terrific rabbit hunters, and England has quite a rabbit problem — Beatrix Potter’s tale of mischievous Peter Rabbit being chased around Mr. McGregor’s garden is no coincidence.  Rabbits are a real problem in England, so hawking is quite welcomed by the agricultural community.

Thought for the Day:  After the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box.  Italian Proverb

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