Best of UK – Part 2

Receipt and Change
Receipt and Change

One of the best parts of the UK is tipping is not expected in pubs and restaurants.  The “service” is either built into menu prices, wait staffs are better paid than in the US, or its a cultural thing.  Whatever the reason, it sure is refreshing.  Also, there is no sales tax added.

While the prices seem sky high, they’re really not that bad when you consider US sales tax, tip and in some cities a restaurant or entertainment tax to boot.  I didn’t notice any lessor service in the UK; in fact, I’d say service was on par or even better than what I typically find in the US.  At least the service was genuine; when no tip is expected you know they take their service seriously.  I gave a tip to one waitress, by US standards a very small tip, and she asked me if it was for the cook.   Her jaw dropped when I said it was hers.

What’s with the US wait staff that has an entitlement mentality?  They believe they are entitled to a 15-20% tip just for showing up.  Parties of 6 or more get the tip automatically added to the bill.  An Atlanta restaurant automatically adds 18% gratuity for any party, regardless of size.  A bit presumptuous don’t you think?  I find the service in these kind of places mediocre because the wait staff knows they have a tip regardless of their performance.  And what is it with this tipping inflation: 5% when I was a kid, then 10%, then 15%, and now 18-20% is expected?  The price of the meal keeps going up, so why does the tipping percentage need to increase too?  Today’s wait staff that expects a 20% tip must think their service is four times better than that of their grandparents.  Seriously?

I don’t get it.  I like the UK’s approach much better.

Thought for the Day:  We want bread and roses too.   Massachusetts Textile Union, 1912 strike.

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