Bath Houses

Royal Crescent, Bath
Royal Crescent, Bath

In the early 1800’s, Bath, England was a place to be seen; i.e. a place to socialize, display your wealth, gamble, party, and look for a spouse that could enhance your social status.  Bath was England’s party town, and all of London’s gentry couldn’t resist being seen there. The entire city seems to have been built at the same time using the cream-colored limestone called Bath stone.  Most of the architecture in the city screams neoclassical Georgian: square, boxy, symmetrical with a centered doorway, and decorative columns.  The humongous, semi-circular Royal Crescent is a prime example of the period.

The Circus, Bath
The Circus, Bath

Nearby the Royal Crescent is The Circus with similar architecture.  Notice how the columns “support” each story, compared to the full-length columns on the Royal Crescent.  The Circus is four quarter-circle buildings arranged in a circle surrounding a park.  Like the Royal Crescent, The Circus is comprised of three-story condominiums, representing some of the most expensive real estate in the UK.

Bath is a beautiful city, full of photo ops at every street corner.

Thought for the Day:  He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.   Benjamin Franklin

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