Do Your Best!

Safe at Home
Safe at Home

The Little League season is winding down; I have mixed feelings about that.  The number of games these little guys plays is extraordinary, no wonder they (me too) get burned out.  The hellish-hot days of July are right around the corner–yeh, I know, baseball is a summer sport, but there are limitations to my interest.  The long hot days are drying everything out, including the baseball diamonds.

The infields are treated with a moisture-absorbent material that keeps the fields playable during the soggy days of spring.  Game schedules have fewer rain outs: good for coaches, players, umpires, and spectators.  But when they dry out, they REALLY dry out, making plays at home plate difficult to follow.  The players, ball and home plate are engulfed in a 1930’s style dust bowl of fine sand and chalk dust.  Maybe the umpire’s union developed this material to eliminate disputed calls.

No matter what, nothing beats watching your grandsons playing their hearts out, giving it their all, and doing the best they can with what God gave them to work with.  If they try their hardest and do their very best, they will always be “safe at home”.

Thought for the Day:  Do Your Best.   Cub Scout Motto

2 thoughts on “Do Your Best!

  1. Great picture. It tells a story. The dust provides enough coverage that it builds the mystery. But you know the answer when you spot the ball still in the air.


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