Strawberry Bandit

Pick Your Own Strawberries
Pick Your Own Strawberries

Going to the pick-your-own berry patch is always fun … but you have to watch your bucket very carefully.  I found this little guy wandering around the Iowa berry patch gobbling up strawberries like there was no tomorrow.

Raiding the Berry Buckets
Raiding the Berry Buckets

Once he found strawberries in easily-reachable buckets, anyone’s bucket, he stopped foraging through the plants for his own.  There was no stopping him, he’d have two berries in both hands before you could turn around, and off he’d go to the next unsuspecting berry picker.  Geez, kid doesn’t your Mom ever feed you?!

Two Quarts Later
Two Quarts Later

He became more selective on a full belly, seeking out only the big red ones.  I hope the Berry Patch weighed him before and after his feeding frenzy; weighing his berry consumption would have yielded more profit than weighing my half-empty bucket.

Thought for the Day:  Men of principle are always bold, but those who are bold are not always men of principle.  Confucius

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