Rope Swing
Rope Swing

Nothing beats a rope swing over water for good clean summer fun.  A little dab of danger always adds to the fun.

The water is low this year, so the “swingers” have to hang on a wee bit longer and release at the highest point to make sure they reach the water.  Actually, they have to time their release just before the rope reaches the highest point of its arc so their forward momentum carries them further over the water.  Otherwise, they drop straight down to a wet but hard landing.

To get even more height on the swing, they take off from the very top of a rickety old 6′ wooden step ladder.  Climbing to the top of the ladder is a thrill in itself.  When you’re twelve years old, you do just about anything to get more Hang Time.

Thought for the Day:  Young men think old men are fools, but old men know young men are fools.  George Chapman

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