Senior Moments


Ever had one of those senior moments where you go down stairs to get something and half way down you forget what you’re after?  You sit down on the stairs to try and remember what you needed in the basement.  After a few minutes, you can’t remember if you were going up or down the stairs.

Look at these guys: they’re warming up for a major pro golf tournament and they’re on their cell phones.  They probably forgot their golf glove, or their high-tech, space-age metal bracelet that prevents arthritis, or misplaced their golf bag.  C’mon man, focus.


Some of these “legends” of golf are balloons of their former selves.  There was no way I could see them making the cut with the hills of the Omaha Country Club, no sir, not in 90+ degree heat and high humidity.   But, they can still pound that ball and have a nice touch around the green, so I’ll cut them some slack.  After all, I’m a senior too.  For more photos click here.

Thought for the Day:  If you watch a game, its fun.  If you play at it, its recreation.  If you work at it, its golf.  Bob Hope

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