Did You Know?

Swilcan Bridge
Swilcan Bridge

Anyone even vaguely familiar with golf knows that the game started in Scotland, and most of those people know that St. Andrews is considered the “home” of golf.  The Swilcan Bridge, above, is a golf icon and is located on the 18th hole of St. Andrew’s Old Course. Everyone who plays the Old Course crosses the 700 year old Swilcan Bridge to reach the 18th green.

But, did you know that golf was banned in Scotland in 1457?  King James II banned golf because it was becoming so popular that men weren’t devoting enough time to archery. The ban lasted until King James IV became a golfer himself and lifted the ban in 1502.

I was a thrilled to walk the hallowed ground of The Old Course.  You have to really love the game to play along the coast of the North Sea, so the longevity of the course is a testament to players’ love, dedication and commitment to golf.  Not much has changed since King James IV played here, except no one heads for the archery range after their round.

Thought for the Day:  Golf is a game in which you yell, “fore”, shoot six and write down five.  Paul Harvey

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