Worst Job EV! ver

flag man
flag man

What’s the worst job you ever had?  I’ve had a lot of crummy jobs in my life, but none of them actually made my top ten worst-job list.

Throughout my life I’ve kept a mental log of “worst jobs ever”, I guess to help me cope with the crummy job I had at the time.  “Well, at least I’m not …(fill in the blank).”  Before robots were used on assembly lines, I envisioned the absolute most boring job in the world was the poor sap who put the sample box of Tide detergent in the new washing machine as it came off the assembly line.

This weekend, while traveling across the state, I was stopped at a bridge repair project; Nebraska roads are always “under construction”.  Only one lane was open, so a flag man at each end of the bridge had to rotate a “Stop” and “Go” sign to control traffic on the bridge; when one flagman’s sign read “Go”, the flagman’s sign at the other end of the bridge read “Stop”.  (Geez, it’s not complicated.)  Stand there all day on hot asphalt pavement under the scorching summer sun and not a breath of wind, watching the cars go by.   Ugggh, how boring is that!?  Made me appreciate my desk job in an air conditioned office.  Oh wait, I’m retired … all the better.

Thought for the Day:  Hollywood must be the only place on earth where you can be fired by a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap.   Steve Martin

2 thoughts on “Worst Job EV! ver

  1. Have you ever had to clean doo doo out of the hen house on a hot summer day? Well I have and   I think it is in the top ten worst jobs !!!  GG


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