Hidden Gem

Nebraska Wildflowers
Nebraska Wildflowers

This field of wild flowers came out of nowhere.  This field has always been empty for the last 15 years I’ve been driving by it, not even any crops, just pasture land.  But, I was ambushed by this splash of color last week, and nearly drove off the road.  Wow!  Where did this come from?

This photo doesn’t do it justice, that’s for sure.  The first time I saw it was early morning in brilliant sunshine — no camera, of course.  (Geez, photography is so much like fishing  –“oh, the best shot got away” … but, I digress.)   The purples were deeper, more vibrant, contrasting nicely with the yellow black-eyed susans; you know, opposite sides of the color wheel and all that rot.  It was cloudy and overcast with just a hint of sunshine breaking through the clouds when I took the above photo … not my best work, focus is soft.

This field of wildflowers is located on state highway 66 in the southeastern part of the state, near Louisville, NE.  Who says Nebraska isn’t pretty?

Thought for the Day:  In hotel rooms I worry.  I can’t be the only guy who sits on the furniture naked.  Jonathan Katz

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