Winnetoon, NE 68789

Winnetoon Mail Box
Winnetoon Mail Box

The 19th century is still alive in Winnetoon, Nebraska.  Hiding in the northeast corner of the state, north of Creighton and east of Verdigree, two other well-known population centers, is Winnetoon.  The city was founded in 1891 and a U.S. Post Office was established soon after, which is still open today.

This photo was taken inside the Winnetoon post office, where this mailbox is still in use; inside the box is a letter awaiting pickup.  In fact, there are dozens of mailboxes like this, still in use since 1892.  Notice the combination locks used letters instead of numbers.

Winnetoon, Nebraska
Winnetoon, Nebraska

As you might expect, Winnetoon has seen better days.  This is the only side street in Winnetoon; no longer functional, but a reminder of the good ole days.  The main street consists of the post office, doubling as an antique shop, and a cafe.  The most recent census claims Winnetoon has 68 residents, which looks like 64 too many … until you see the number of active mail boxes in the post office.

Thought for the Day:  We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.  Ben Franklin

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