Summer’s End

One Last Swing
One Last Swing

What does Labor Day mean to you?

Labor Day, a US holiday, has several different meanings for me, one of which is childbirth. I say that only because my birthday falls on Labor Day every once in a while.  It also means summer is over, back to school, enjoy the hot days while you can, and winter is coming. For many people, Labor Day is a celebration of labor; i.e. working hard, earning a good wage, good pay for a hard day’s work, honest wages, thankful to be employed, etc … or just the last three-day weekend until Thanksgiving.

But lately, for me, Labor Day means the start of the football season.  Boy, do I love college football, and with all of the various networks covering games from coast-to-coast and several days a week, I’m in heaven.  Put my “To-Do” list in the freezer for the next four months; I’ve got games to watch!

Thought for the Day:  I never graduated from Iowa, but I was only there for two terms … Truman’s and Eisenhower’s.   Alex Karras, All-American from Iowa.

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