Best of UK, part 3

Winchester, England
Winchester, England

There are many things I like about the UK, as noted in two previous blogs part 1 and part 2, but city streets are not one of them … for driving at least.  Yeah, they’re quaint, charming and “homey”, but they’re impossible to drive in.  This photo is a classic city street in the city centre of any English city (London may be the exception), and this one has sidewalks making it appear wider than it is, which I bailed out on several times to avoid oncoming cars.

The horrific driving conditions is what made me realize how much I love the English drivers.  They are smart, courteous, and practical with the patience of Job.  With all of the congestion I caused by myself, no one ever honked at me.  The rental car company must have put a big sign on the car that lit up, “Beware!  Yankee Driver”, when I got behind the wheel.   Everyone seems to understand that cooperation is needed if anyone is to get anywhere.

Blind Corners
Blind Corners

The Motorways (M1, M2, etc.), four-lane divided highways like the US Interstate is where the beauty of UK drivers really shows.   Passing lanes are religiously observed — if you’re not passing anyone, stay in the slow lane.  Unlike the US, where people want to sightsee while cruising in the passing lanes, the UK driver’s are respectful of the passing lanes and never enter them unless they are traveling faster than the car ahead of them.  Brilliant!

Thought for the Day:  It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.   Confucious

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