Woof Woof!


Don’t you just hate your neighbor’s dog sometimes?  That incessant barking, like he’s never going to shut up, on and on like a broken record.  Can’t your neighbors hear their dog barking?  Your neighbor’s dog is so undisciplined, so untrained, so out of control. You ask yourself, “Don’t those people have any control of that dog?!”

Why can’t it be like my dog: totally obedient, polite, docile, and respectful of others.  My dog is playful, sensitive, quiet and always looking for a new friend.  Sure, it barks once in a while, but only when its really important … like a treed squirrel.   The squirrel’s taunting of my dog is sooo cute and my dog’s melodious yapping never lasts more than a couple hours. I’m sure it’s no bother to anyone.

I love my neighbors and I love dogs, but I’d love them more if they were more like me.

Thought for the Day:  Love me, love my dog.  Anonymous.

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