Jackson Hole

Not-so Grand Tetons
Not-so Grand Tetons

I just got back from four days in Jackson, Wyoming, where the majestic Grand Tetons come shooting out of the earth, building a jagged wall around the flat lands to create a bowl called Jackson Hole.  The weather was not ideal.

The peaks of the Grand Tetons were rarely visible, and when they were, the low clouds hung around their neck like a wet towel.  No brilliant blue sky with puffy white clouds to enhance their beauty.  The clouds are so thick in this image that it looks like I used charcoal to color in the clouds.  A few rain spots on the lens provides the only “texture” in the sky.

It was a dreary four days, but the company was terrific; we have sunny days together no matter what the weather.

Thought for the Day:  Friends are like stars; you can’t always see them, but you know they are there.    Anonymous

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