How long should I wait?  That’s what I saw in this old truck’s expression found behind the old house in central Wyoming.  I wrote about this abandoned homestead in a previous blog.

The Chevy farm truck looked like it had sat there since Prohibition.  In movies about the Roaring 20’s, there were always trucks like this with big tarps covering barrels of bootleg whiskey.  But, this truck wasn’t going anywhere.  Stuck in the sandy soil up to its back axle, it must have felt like a saber tooth tiger that just fell into the tar pit – without help it was doomed.

The old truck took on various expressions from different angles.  From the front, it had a half-smile, sort of a sneer, trying to act tough, but resigned to its fate.  From the side, it was inviting; i.e. windows open, doors ajar, eagerly awaiting the next joy ride.  From the rear, it looked beaten, defeated, broken down from too many overloads.  I wondered what the truck was thinking, while waiting to be rescued.

Thought for the Day:  Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.    Anonymous

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