Bad Day for War

Bad Day for a War
Bad Day for a War

What a crappy day!  It rained all day today, a steady rain, making me scrap everything I planned to do outside.  Nothing to do now, but sit by the fire place with a good book.

Wow, like I really have it tough.  Imagine having sentry duty on a day like this, or worse, at night.  A howling wind off the coast, rain cascading across the parapets, soaking you to the bone.  Lonely, extra lonely.  On a day like this, you can’t even see the sentry next to you, let alone the enemy troops gathering in your imagination beyond the castle walls.  Every splash of cold rain on your face helps keep you awake, but multiplies your prayers for dry gun powder when it’s needed.  With every step you are closer to your shift’s end, but know you will barely dry out when your call to duty comes four hours later. Boy, this job sucks!

Even in good weather, sentry duty sucks.  I guess there really is no good day for war.

Thought for the Day:  It is well that war is so terrible — we shouldn’t grow too fond of it.        Robert E. Lee

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