Taxi? … Bus? … Car? … Rik Shaw? … Anyone?  There won’t be anything by here for quite a while.  This is Beatrix Potter’s house outside the very tiny village of Near Sawrey in England’s Lake District.  Its sister city, Far Sawrey, is even smaller.  Not much in the way of public transportation up here.

Tour buses and private cars are about the only vehicles that make it to BP’s house.  The car ride was an adventure, which included a ferry ride across a large lake; buses take the long route around the lake.  The roads are narrow, very narrow, and winding, but there wasn’t much traffic in early May.  I was thankful I never met a tour bus on those roads.

BP’s house is a must-see if you’re a Peter Rabbit fan.  Everything in the house is exactly as she left it when she died in 1943 and left her farm to the National Trust.  The remarkable thing is that nothing in the house is “tied down”, behind glass or roped off.   Docents are in each room, but its mostly the honor system that keeps things from “walking off” or handled.  The Lake District is pretty country–I bet its gorgeous when the sun is out.

Thought for the Day:  First you’re an unknown, then you write one book and move up to obscurity.   Martin Myers

One thought on “Taxi?

  1. What a great photo. It would have been fun to have gotten a second picture of the person peeking out from under the umbrella. I loved BP’s house, as well as the church down the pathway. Sheep grazing nearby and a few thatched cottages made it a perfectly picturesque hamlet. There was also a pub nearby where we saw the Morris dancers. Don’t you just love the way they named their towns? “Near” and “Far”

    Thanks for the great memories.



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