Prequel to Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The Three Chairs
The Three Chairs

Prequels are a Hollywood gimmick.  After Hollywood produces a great movie, they make three or more sequels, none of which are as good as the original.   After box-office returns dwindle, Hollywood tries to re-energize the public’s interest with a prequel.  For example: Let’s go back and show the origination of Darth Vader.

Okay, how about a prequel to Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Let’s go back and see where the Three Bears came from.  (I’m struggling here … no, I’m dying here; I don’t have any idea what to write today.)  Here are three chairs: one is too big, one is too small, and one is just right …

Yeah, this is hopeless.  Okay, tell me what you see in this photo.

Thought for the Day:  The problem with quotes from the internet is it is hard to verify their authenticity.   Abraham Lincoln

One thought on “Prequel to Goldilocks and The Three Bears

  1. I see a peaceful setting and I believe the large chair would fit me best, but could we add some cushions and maybe make it recline.Then I might like to soak in some sun especially since we are getting our first taste of winter. It is around forty degrees colder than yesterday!  Oh yes, can we add an end table, so I can set down my favorite drink.  H


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