Candy Cane Cutey

Ava, 9 mos.
Ava, 9 mos.

How old is the candy cane?  According to my good friend, Cliff Claven (mailman from “Cheers”), “Ahhh, it’s a little known fact that the candy cane was invented in Germany”.   In 1672, a choirmaster in Cologne, Germany had a local candy maker prepare some “sweet sticks” to keep the children quiet during the Christmas Eve service.

Candy in church?!   Heaven forbid!   Verbotten!  To justify his act of heresy, the choirmaster had the sticks made with a crook on one end to remind the children of the shepherd’s visit to see the baby Jesus in the manger.  The treat spread quickly across Europe.

This little sweetie is too young for candy canes, so she just dresses like one.

Thought for the Day:  We’ve had bad luck with our kids — they’ve all grown up.   Christopher Morley

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