Go Army – part II

Go Army!
Go Army!

The Army-Navy football game was played this last Saturday, the 114th meeting  between the two oldest military academies.  It is one of my favorite football games of the year, and I’ve written about it before.  The tradition of the game and the spirit in which it is played always sends a chill up my spine … and forces me to recall some of my old Army buddies.

This year was no exception.  Blustery winds, heavy snow and freezing temperatures shrouded the game with an extra layer of adversity.  The players were soaked, the ball was a slippery rock, and a determined opponent was out to destroy you   It was a classic battle of will.

But the weather really wasn’t a factor; the only thing these dedicated young men focused on was their mission, and the mission was the same for both teams — beat the snot out of the other side.  That’s what I love about this game: true student athletes, disciplined, dedicated, intense and emotional, playing for the love of the game and their teammates. Each player has an assignment on each play and each player trusts the other ten players on his team to execute their assignment so the TEAM’s mission is accomplished.

It makes you proud to be an American.  Go Army!

Thought for the Day:  If it was, Army and Navy would be playing for the national championship every year.    Bobby Bowden when asked if discipline is the key to winning

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