Helping Mom

Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies

Helping my Mom make Christmas cookies is a fond memory for me.  I got to do things in the kitchen during Christmas that I never thought of doing the rest of the year.   Licking the cookie dough off the mixing beaters was a real treat, even if my tongue wouldn’t reach all the way through the back of the beaters.

Next, after Mom rolled out the dough, was pressing out various-shaped cookies using molds: Santas, stars, reindeer, bells, Christmas trees, etc.  My favorite mold was the giant ginger bread man. Then we decorated the shapes with colored frosting and sprinkles.  We didn’t use M&M’s, licorice, or chocolate chips — that would have been too extravagant.

I probably could have helped my Mom make cookies any other time of the year, but I was always outside playing.  Besides, doing it just once a year made it special, like I was getting bonus time with my Mom.  It sure was fun, and I made a big mess of the kitchen, but Mom never got mad; it must have been the spirit of the season.

Making Christmas cookies is a memory that I cherish every year at this time.

Thought for the Day:  Mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.    Mark Twain

One thought on “Helping Mom

  1. Doesn’t it make your heart feel good to see your children creating the same wonderful memories that you experienced? That means you and Verna were great parents, too!



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