Ship Ahoy!

Ship Ahoy!
Ship Ahoy!

What the heck does “ahoy” mean?!  I’ve heard the word used two different ways: “Ship ahoy” and “Ahoy matey”, but was never sure what it meant.  So, I looked it up.

The word “ahoy” was originally used in Middle English as a signal word to hail a ship or boat.  However, more recently, it is used in nautical parlance as either a greeting, warning or farewell.

In the context of this photo I was using it as a farewell, like the ship has left the dock or the train has left the station.  Sort of my farewell to 2013.  In my last blog of the year, I guess I could have been more direct.  In the words of my high-achiever friend who is always unsatisfied with the status quo and forever looking for the next challenge, “Well, there’s another year shot to hell!”

Thought for the Day:  Remorse is regret that one waited so long to do it.                   H.L. Mencken

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