15 Below Zero!

Cancun Morning
Cancun Morning

Sunlight piercing through the gap in the hotel drapes woke me up.  The sun had just broken through the low clouds and lit up the beach, it was 82 degrees with a soft breeze. Getting dressed was easy: cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirt, flip flops and my floppy hat–total elapsed time of 13.5 seconds and I was out the door.

Nothing beats a leisurely stroll on a lonely beach in the tropics to free your mind of the daily grind.  Paradise.  No worries, except getting sand in your shorts.  I wouldn’t waste my time laying around in bed, not in this climate.  Too many gorgeous scenes begging to be photographed.

Perfect time to be on vacation; those poor saps back home in Nebraska stuck in below zero temps with strong winds, trying to conduct normal day-to-day activities.  There is no way to wear enough clothes to stay warm in -35 degree wind chill; lost feeling in your toes, knees creaking like they need a lube job, and snot freezing on your upper lip.  I’d just want to stay in bed.  Oh! Wait, I am in bed … warm and toasty under my electric blanket …at home … in Nebraska.  I just woke up.   Crap!

Thought for the Day:  What if nothing exists and we’re all in someone’s dream?  Or, what’s worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists?    Woody Allen

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