Grazing Sheep, Ireland
Grazing Sheep, Ireland

Texting is another whole language.  My wife got a smart phone for Christmas; she wanted to maintain contact with the teenage grandchildren who communicate solely through their phones.  Verbal conversation is sooo yesterday–texting is the first language of teens.

She was disappointed in the response she got to her first eloquently-composed, 75-word text to the 14 year old.  The response was three words, no, actually it was only three letters.  I knew spelling and punctuation was a lost art in our society, but we didn’t have a clue what “IDK” meant.  BTW, it means, “I don’t know.”

Since then, I’ve been practicing abbreviations to expand my texting savvy and increase my Coolness Index.  This photo fit my needs perfectly.  Ireland’s sheep industry has some sort of free grazing program where the sheep are free to roam on public land.  The sheep mix with other herds, and are identified by the color patch(es).  Okay, so these sheep are grazing along the side of a main road in a national park.  Why the fence?  (“WTF”)

Thought for the Day:  Let’s make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation.    Miss Manners

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