Trash and Treasure

Seaside Deposits
Seaside Deposits

The definition of “ocean” is: “a large body of water”, and it has many parallels with the human body.  A living thing, the ocean has a pulse; the tide comes in, the tide goes out, in a never-ending cycle that provides energy for the rest of its bodily functions.

This large body will evacuate its bowels on a regular basis, depositing its waste at high tide. Even during wide emotional swings from serenity to turbulence, the pulsating tide continues to cough up what it doesn’t need.

Walking the beach at low tide brings an entirely new landscape of items left behind by the ocean’s pulse, like the canvas has been wiped clean during high tide and replaced with new scene.  Most of the elements are God’s creation, the natural waste from a large body, shells, plant life, rocks and sand.  But, often times the body has to vomit the things that make it sick.

Thought for the Day:  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  American Idiom

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