“Slippery When Wet!”

First Swimming Lesson
First Swimming Lesson

When I heard my one-year old granddaughter was taking swimming lessons, I was a little skeptical.  Lots of negative thoughts flashed through my mind.

First, you know, the baby’s diaper, is it waterproof and sealed really tight?  Today’s plastic throw-away diapers are very lightweight and efficient absorbers (except for blowouts), so I guess its okay.  Second, its winter, nobody goes swimming in the winter, won’t she catch pneumonia?  Oh yeah, the pools are indoors and the water is heated, no worries there. Finally, those wiggly infants should come with a tag “Slippery When Wet”, what if Mom loses her grip?  Okay (sigh), these buoyant little cherubs wouldn’t sink if they wanted to.

After reasoning through my initial fears, I became more accepting of the idea, but one thing still bothered me.  She can’t even talk, so how does she scream, “HELP!  I’m drowning”?

Thought for the Day:  It’s only when the tide goes out that you discover who’s been swimming naked.   Warren Buffett

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