Look Closely

Palm Tree Trunk
Palm Tree Trunk

I’m not color blind by any means, but I wouldn’t say I’m a color expert either … just a guy with an average “color IQ”.   So, I was surprised to find a full palette of colors in this palm tree.

I found this average-looking palm tree on the grounds of a Florida condominium.  Nothing special about it, really, the color (shades of brown and yellow on the trunk) and shape were just like every other palm tree in the area.  I was attracted to it by the way the branches split off from the trunk, overlapping each other.

From about 8′ away, I filled the frame with this shot, concentrating on the intersection of the branches and trunk.  I didn’t notice the colors until the image was downloaded to my computer screen.  I added a little contrast, but nothing else.  This is Mother Nature’s artwork, not mine.

Thought for the Day:  Stay alert — you can observe a lot by watching.    Yogi Berra

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