Stare Down

Stare Down
Stare Down

Who is going to blink first?

I like going to the zoo, there is always something there to photograph.  Even if it’s not your own grandkids, there are always plenty of Kodak moments with other little kids.  I took a lot of shots here, but this is the only one that is relatively sharp.  Shooting through glass is always a problem, and the girl is on the other side of yet another pane of glass, causing double reflections in some areas.  I don’t understand the physics of the double reflections, like the gorilla’s forehead and parts of the girl’s chin, but one thing is for sure:  These kind of shots can become a real pane in the rear.

Who blinked first?  No contest here, the gorilla wasn’t going anywhere.

Thought for the Day:  God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved  the birds and invented cages.   Jacques Deval



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