Black-eyed Beauty


What can I say?   “I stepped on a rake?” …uh, “you shoulda seen the other guy?” … uh, or maybe, “I got kicked by a mule?”  Nah, nothing that dramatic — just a bit of skin cancer removed.

The ignorance of my generation caught up with me; sunscreen didn’t exist when I was a kid.  My Mom would make us “build up a tan” gradually, rather than get scorched all at once, but that was the only precaution I ever took.  No shirt all summer, and never a hat any time of year.  People were more worried about nuclear war than sunburn.

Skin cancer is the nemesis of my generation, sun worshipers who think they are forever young.  Sort of like smoking was for my parent’s generation, and perhaps tatoos or some handheld electronic device for the generations to follow.  I guess the moral of the story is: Use sunscreen and don’t mess with Mother Nature.

Thought for the Day:  I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work — I want to achieve it through not dying.   Woody Allen

2 thoughts on “Black-eyed Beauty

  1. Oh my brother!!!! Yikes. Did the doctor get it all? I hope so…We will want to hear the full story when we see you. In the meantime, I hope you are recovering and wearing a hat.

    Love, Sherrie


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