“Tschus” (pronounced “chuse”) is a German word/expression that means, “see ya”.  I’ve had it on my license plate since Rebecca came into our lives as an exchange student in 1994.

It’s o-dark-thirty  (4:30 AM) now and I’m leaving the house to start my 8-day photo safari of the Nebraska sand hills.   I have a few destinations, like Gothenburg to see my aunt and uncle, Chimney Rock and Toadstool Park near Harris, NE, but otherwise I’ll just see what comes up along the country roads.


Thought for the Day:  Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.    Helen Keller

One thought on “Tschus

  1. When I read that you were off to the sand hills for eight days I really questioned if you had any connection with the same Golter family that my husband is part of!  I had to talk hard (maybe you could call it argue) to get him to not take the inner state when we went from central Nebraska to the Black Hills.  Personally I think the sand hills have a beauty all of their own.  Hope it was a good trip.  H


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