Sand Hills Safari

tumble weeds
tumble weeds

I just returned from a photo-safari of rural Nebraska; I called it my Sand Hills Safari because most of it focused on the western half of the state.

Before I retired, my job took me to the western-most parts of Kansas and I called these trips a “tumble weed tour”.   I was surprised to find very similar landscapes in the northwestern part of Nebraska.  The Nebraska land seemed more fertile and “pasture friendly” than Kansas, but the tumbleweeds were identical.

There were places where the actual fence was not visible because it was hidden by the tumble weeds stuck in the wire. From a distance, they looked like dead hedge rows.  The landscape is completely void of trees, tumbleweed “fences” are the only thing that breaks the horizon.

Thought for the Day:  Good fences make good neighbors.   Robert Frost

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