Filley, NE

Old Rugged Cross
Old Rugged Cross

The first stop on my recent photo-safari was Filley, NE (pop. 132) located in Gage County in the southeast part of Nebraska, just 12 miles east of Beatrice.  East of Filley, along US 136, there is an old rugged cross up on the hill on the south side of the road.

The cross was erected in 1949 by Bart Trout and his father Harold who owned the land; the current land owner, Diane Trout, was wife of the late Bart Trout.  At the time the cross was erected, it could only be seen by passing trains, as the highway didn’t exist at that time.  Now, the cross is lit so it is even visible at night.

The Trouts were Methodist and erected the cross for the United Methodist Youth Fellowship.  The Filley United Methodist Church is long since gone, but the cross was “adopted” by the American Lutheran Church in the late 1990’s.  Weather permitting, Easter morning sunrise services are held there each year.

Thought for the Day:  Religion consists in a set of things which the average man thinks he believes, and wishes he were certain.  Mark Twain

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