Ava, 1
Ava, 1

Learning to walk must be exhilarating as well as terrifying.   After laying around for 12 months or so, you finally get to see the world in a “portrait” view rather than a “landscape” view.  The switch from portrait to landscape view happens in a hurry.

Now that you’re standing on your own two feet, the crumbs on the floor don’t look quite so interesting.  The world in front of you is way more exciting, even when it goes out of focus and you find yourself eye level with the crumbs again.

Then, just to make things interesting, Mom and Day put you in some big clunky shoes and send you outside to “romp” in the lumpy grass.  Progress is slow, but the grass blades are almost as interesting as the kitchen crumbs.  About the time you start to feel comfortable walking in grass, the yard begins sloping away from you.   Hmmm, the steps are easier now, but they’re coming fast, one right after the other.   The trees are spinning; Papa is in front of me, no wait, he’s behind me now.   Wheeee!

Thought for the Day:  When a kid hits one year old its like hanging out with a miniature drunk.  You have to hold on to them.  They bump into things, they laugh and cry.      Johnny Depp

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