Nothing says “school is out” than a five-year old T-ball game.  Summer is time for the brain to idle for a few months while the body enjoys physical pursuits.  Who needs mental stimulus during summer vacation when you’re learning the most complicated game on the planet.   The young lads are still learning their left hand from their right when they are introduced to a right-handed fielder’s glove that goes on the left hand.

During their first T-ball season the future hall-of-famers will learn how to stand in a line, follow instructions, wait their turn at bat, stand in the field for a long time, kick dirt, and where first base is located.  If they are gifted, they will learn how to hold a bat, put their glove on and find their own hat in the dugout.

Safe at First
Safe at First

Some things are intuitive to the little guys.  No matter where the ball is, where it was hit, thrown, missed or caught, they just know you are automatically safe at any base if you jump onto it.  T-ball is definitely a learning experience they will never forget.

Thought for the Day:  Little League baseball is a good thing ’cause it keeps parents off the streets and the kids out of the house.   Yogi Berra

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