Loomis, NE

Loomis, NE
Loomis, NE

Loomis, NE (pop. 382), located in south central Nebraska, about ten miles northwest of Holdrege in Phelps County, doesn’t look like much from state highway 23.  Main street isn’t much to look at either, but the town seems to be prospering.

Main Street, Loomis
Main Street, Loomis

I made a point to stop in Loomis, because a friend of mine always talked about the town’s basketball team.  The Loomis Wolves always seem to make it to the state high school basketball tournament, and my friend, Chuck, always roots for them.  Chuck, isn’t even from Nebraska, let alone Loomis.  He was an import from Monroe, MI, born in Fostoria, OH, escaped to Omaha, later moved to Baldwin City, KS and finally ended up in Rapid City, SD.   (Geez, talk about a rollin’ stone, but I digress).   So, I just had to stop and see Loomis.

Loomis Team Bus
Loomis Team Bus

It must be the team bus that got Chuck’s attention.  Wow, looks like something from a small college.  A lot of pride and support in this small town.  Here’s to you, Chuckie!

Thought for the Day:  What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.   John Wooden

2 thoughts on “Loomis, NE

  1. GREAT JOB, LARRY! Never knew the Wolves had a team bus! Love having the picture of the Loomis sign entering town, too. I’ve never been there…but will have to make a point of it one of these days. Hope all is well with you and Verna. Hope to see you soon!



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