Grandfather’s Day

Eight Grandkids
Eight Grandkids – June, 2013

Father’s Day is more special now.  The primary role of a father is to raise his children to be responsible, self-reliant adults so that aspect of fatherhood no longer applies to me.  Now that I’m a grandfather, I reflect more on how my children (two sons and a daughter) are raising my grandchildren.

My children have the daily burden of providing, caring, nurturing, disciplining (yup, that’s part of it too), coaching, praising, teaching and directing for their children.  I’m just an adviser … an unwanted one at times.

It’s interesting to see the different approaches to parenting used by my three children. Even though my children were all raised in the same house by the same two parents (married 46 years and counting), their experiences must have been vastly different: I was a different age when each were born, world events were viewed from different ages, and they are obviously all “wired” differently.  All things considered, they’re doing a terrific job and I’m thankful for the opportunity to see my eight perfect grandchildren grow up.

Thought for the Day:  Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.   Bill Cosby

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