Standing Tall

Standing Tall
Standing Tall

This old barn has seen more 4th of Julys than I have, I’m sure, but it’s still standing tall.  Glad to be part of the American landscape and proud of it.

Its a lovely scene, Americana at its best, but the flag doesn’t look quite right.  If you zoom in on the flag, you will notice it has six rows of nine stars each, one star for each state.  Six times nine equals 54.  Huh?  Hmmm, either someone fell asleep in American History class or doesn’t know their math facts.

If it was six rows of eight stars (48 stars), I would assume the flag was painted prior to the addition of Alaska and Hawaii, and thought nothing of it.  But, now I’m wondering, worried actually:  is our education system failing us or is ignorance forgiven for a showy piece of national pride?   C’mon people, if you’re going to make a patriotic statement, at least get it right!

Thought for  the Day:  Delay is preferable to error.   Thomas Jefferson

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