Whiteclay, Nebraska

Whiteclay, NE
Whiteclay, NE
Whiteclay Visitors
Whiteclay Visitors

A sad story, Whiteclay.  The northern city limits of Whiteclay, NE is the state line between Nebraska and South Dakota.  The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, on the SD side, abuts Whiteclay’s northern city limits.  Alcohol consumption and possession is prohibited on the reservation.

The 2010 census lists Whiteclay’s population at 14.  There are 4 liquor stores in Whiteclay, which sold 4.9 million cans of beer in 2010.  That averages over 13,000 cans of beer per day.  Just beer!  Who bought all this beer?

I was on US 20 traveling east near Rushville, NE when I saw the sign to Whiteclay, 21 miles north on NE 87.  What the heck, I was never going to be this close again, so I took the turn and pulled into Whiteclay around 8:30 AM.  The town seemed deserted, but it had an “edgy” feel to it.  As I approached the north end of town, I saw the graffiti-marked blue building and immediately felt unwelcome.  I turned around, putting Whiteclay in my rear view mirror at 8:42.  As I headed south, I was thankful that I saw Whiteclay while most of its visitors were asleep … in the street.

Thought for the Day:  First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.   F. Scott Fitzgerald

2 thoughts on “Whiteclay, Nebraska

  1. How sad that this is in Nebraska, but could just as easily been anywhere in USA. Very sad and scary, indeed.


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