Misplaced Sign?
Misplaced Sign?

Say whaaat?  Does this sign make any sense?  Do you see any trees?  In the middle of Cherry County, Nebraska, known for its wide-open spaces, I came across this sign.

I double-checked the map and made sure of my position.  Yup, smack dab in the middle of Cherry County.  Then, I took a 360 degree view of the horizon.  Not a tree in sight.  I’ve written about Cherry County before (click here  and here), and it’s certainly not famous for its trees.

I continued my drive, composing in my mind a liar-liar-pants-on-fire letter to the feds about their misleading sign, when I came upon some trees.  To be fair, lots of trees, but not my idea of a forest.  You could actually see the forest for the trees.   The feds probably felt sorry for Nebraska’s reputation as a flyover state and lowered their standards for this one.

Thought for the Day:  Where is there dignity unless there is honesty?                                                                                                                             Cicero (106 -43 BC)

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