Unbridled Joy

Unbridled Joy
Unbridled Joy

What is it about tractors that attracts little boys?  Little boys also like big trucks, bulldozers, back hoes, bobcats, and school buses, but nothing compares to their love for tractors.  Both city boys and country boys.  Adam must have loved the smell of diesel fuel in the Garden of Eden, and that gene has passed on to every generation since.

This 2.5 year old climbed up into the cab of this $300,000 (sale price) tractor at the Iowa State Fair; eight feet above the pavement didn’t seem to phase him.  He was thrilled to be up there by himself, without his Dad or big brother, in full control.  He told me, “Shut the door, Papa”, which translated to “Take a hike”.

Once the door was shut, I had to take this photo through the window.  Not the best, but his unbridled joy came beaming through the reflected glass.

Thought for the Day: I wish you all the joy that you can wish.   Shakespeare


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