Time Travel

Amish Buggy
Amish Buggy

I arrived in Verdigre, Nebraska just in time to witness the intersection of two cultures: one current and one from centuries past.

The UPS truck pulled up to the curb and made an abrupt stop next to the horse-drawn carriage.  The truck door flew open, the driver jumped out with a small box in his hand, and sprinted to the business owner’s front door.  Just another routine overnight delivery of something urgently needed from halfway around the world.

The horse stood motionless, barely noticing the hustle and bustle going on next to him. The horse’s owner came out of the bank across the street and strolled over to his vehicle.  He untied the horse, casually climbed into the buggy, and headed north on Main street.  By this time, the UPS driver was returning to his truck, and sped off to his next destination, quickly overtaking the horse and buggy.  The horse, unfazed by the truck’s 200 horses roaring by, continued down the street.  The rhythmic sound of the horse’s clip-clopping down Main St. hung in the air long after the UPS truck faded away in the distance.

Thought for the Day:  Once you stop rushing through life, you will be amazed at how much more life you have time for.   Anonymous

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