Cattle Brands

Sandhill Cattle Brands
Sandhill Cattle Brands

Branding cattle is still alive and well in western Nebraska.  Just outside the bank in Merriman, Nebraska, is a large sign that identifies all the brands used in the Nebraska Sand Hills in 1964.  Below each brand is the name of its owner.

I saw many of these brands during my wanderings through Cherry County, usually in the form of a large welded metal sculpture at the ranch’s entrance.  It’s a language all its own.

There weren’t any billboards in Merriman, no gas station signs, blinking neon “vacancy” signs, and no school signs.  No signs at all, really.  No handmade signs offering to take in laundry, no “eggs for sale” signs, and no “Keep Out” painted on an old tire hanging on a fence post.  Apparently, this sign of cattle brands provides everyone in Merriman with all the information they need.

Thought for the Day:  “School Colsed Until Further Notice”   Message on Elementary School Marquee


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