Simpler Time

Pre-High Tech
Pre-High Tech

What did we call technological advances before we had the term, “high tech”?  I don’t recall.  I’ve lived long enough to see technological advances change my life in drastic ways. Nothing has ever stayed the same for very long, but time span between advances gets shorter all the time.

When the transistor replaced the vacuum tube, it seemed like it took years before “solid state” became the norm.  I was cool when I got a portable transistor radio for Christmas in the eighth grade, but it wasn’t considered high tech, just cool.  When cassette tapes replaced the bulky 8-tracks, it was revolutionary … but not high tech.

After that, everything became a blur:  remote control TV’s, PC’s, floppy discs, VCR’s, CD’s, DVR’s, DVD’s, hard drives, flash drives, HD, blue-tooth, WiFi, hand-held devices, the Cloud, etc.   Somewhere along the line the term “high tech” was coined.  But, between cool and high-tech, there were repair shops for “Advanced Technology” … or, was that just a simpler time.

Thought for the Day:  Life was so much simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.   Anonymous


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