Sesuit Harbor Cafe

Sesuit Harbor Cafe - Front
Sesuit Harbor Cafe – Front

There is a hole-in-the-wall cafe on Cape Cod called the Sesuit Harbor Cafe.  From the outside it looks like a storage shed for the Sesuit Harbor Master, where he might keep his lobster buoys and a few traps, spare boat parts, gas cans, etc.  It sits right on the water, in the midst of hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes.

Sesuit Harbor Cafe - Back
Sesuit Harbor Cafe – Back

Nothing pretentious about this place; there is no inside seating, only picnic tables outside on the shore, where the salty sea breeze slaps you in the face and the sea gulls try to steal your lunch.  Nothing to see on the inside except the chalkboard menu, counter and cash register.  No checks or credit cards, just cash.  I assumed the kitchen was behind the wall among the torn-apart outboard motors under repair.  You order, pay, then find your favorite color of umbrella.

But what delicious food!  Sesuit Harbor Cafe is known for its lobster rolls — think chicken salad but with huge chunks of fresh lobster on a hogie bun served with fries and cole slaw.  Their clam chowder was to die for too.  Only the locals know about this place, and they’re probably trying to keep it a secret.

Thought for the Day:  Fish, to taste right, must swim three times — in water, in butter, and in wine.    Polish Proverb

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