College Fitness

Cornell Campus
Cornell Campus
Cornell bell tower
Cornell bell tower

In an earlier post (click here) I showed the Cornell Crew practicing in the lake, with the Cornell bell tower up on the hill in the background.  The shot above is taken from up near the bell tower, shown at left.

This campus is soooo hilly, my car felt like a golf cart needing a recharge.  The bell tower is literally on top of the mountain and the campus descends all around it, like Christmas tree lights.  There are many more “layers” of campus below the twin towers shown in the top photo.

I was only on campus for an hour or so, but I noticed no weight problem with any of the pedestrians.  That probably takes care of itself, but I wonder if there is oxygen stations near by.


Thought for the Day:  My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four, unless there are three other people.   Orson Welles



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